Introduction to Human Services.

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Please followe instructions completely.

Learning Activity #7: Criminology Career Essay

Career Focus: Criminology

A career in Criminology can be highly rewarding.You have the opportunity to facilitate tremendous positive changes in your clients.

Review this short video that discusses jobs in criminology and the education that they require.

Also review the information on the web links provided below.We know you may already have a job or career in mind.The purpose of this activity is to look at what is available in other areas.

Once you have reviewed these websites prepare a 1-page essay addressing the following questions:

  • What career in criminology interests you the most and why?
  • How much education would you need in order to get this job?
  • What would be some of the disadvantages to having a career in criminology?
  • Review the average salary for the position that interests you the most.

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