IP’s 5-6 Pages

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5 Projects related to Big Data

Unit 2 IP

Download and set up the Hadoop environment.

Write a report that includes the following:

· Functionality of Hadoop

· Installation steps

· Issues experienced in the installation processes

· Discuss any challenges and explain how you investigated the problem and solved it.

· Recommendations or workarounds for issues you encountered

If you are unable to install Hadoop on your system, please contact your instructor.


Unit 4 IP

The demand for big data talent is growing, and there is a shortage of data analytics talent in United States. Because data analytics is used by many different industries and that data analytics is an interdisciplinary sector, learning and teaching it requires careful planning. Discuss the following:

· Submit a report that investigates how big data analytics can be better implemented in a given case study of your choice.

· How was it learned, taught, and used in the case study?

· How could this implementation have been improved upon?


Unit 6 IP

Assignment Details

Submit a report that describes how data can be handled before Hadoop can take action on breaking data into manageable sizes.


Unit 8 IP

Assignment Details

There are many tools used in today’s market to present data analytics information. Many of these tools are great for particular presentation types. Complete the following:

· List 10 available big data visualization tools in today’s market.

· Provide a short summary of each tool:

· What is the benefit of using that tool?

· What is the drawback?

The Web resources contain many useful links for this assignment.


Unit 9 IP

You have been hired as a big data analyst, by a major corporation who owns a string of state-of-the-art hospitals in the four corners of the United States (Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Utah). Your first official task is to provide a Hadoop solution to the corporation’s business problem of analyzing various data sets. Some structured and some unstructured data have been saved.

Create a design proposal using a Hadoop environment. For your design flow chart, use XML. Your data analytical system must include the use of Hadoop and the data visualization tool. Include the following:

· Requirements

· Data flow diagrams

· Overall system diagram

· Regulations, polices, and governance for the medical industry

· Assumptions and limitations

· Justification for overall design

· Communication flow chart



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