islam essay 1

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The major essay builds on the minor essay. In this task students will demonstrate the strength of their argumentation

with support from reading materials. The same ’thinking’ piece is transformed into a research paper that builds on a

clearly outlined thought process and logical flow. The essay will demonstrate a combination of critical thinking and

analysis, and research.


This task will test students’ ability to demonstrate an argued reflection and in-depth analysis of the chosen topic

(list of questions will be provided by the unit coordinator). Students will need to exhibit a developed level of critical

thinking and analytical skills through a written research paper (major essay) that is driven by argumentation. Students

will be expected to draw on relevant sources to prove full comprehension and accumulated knowledge of unit content

and source materials.

Assessment Description:

Major Essay: designed to test written developed argumentation, literacy and research skills, and demonstration of

advanced comprehension and critical analysis.

Assessment Requirements:

The examiner will be looking for:

– Clear writing and well-structured paragraphs;

– Clarity of ideas and expression;

– Engagement with source material and course content;

– Argumentation supported by quotations from the source material;

– Evidence of reading, analysis and research supported by well-integrated and relevant quotations from resources;

– Breadth of knowledge across the unit, particularly of the unit’s key themes and ideas; and

– A solid command of the academic conventions of writing and presentation, including full referencing and


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