it management 20

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1200 words total. 3 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism!!!

1. Describe the five technology drivers of the infrastructure evolution. Which do you think has been the most influential in helping us achieve the level of technology we


2. Discuss how cloud computing can provide value to a business.

3. What is

and how is it changing the computing environment?

4. What is a data mart? What are the advantages of having one?

5. Discuss the business value of open-source software.

For question 6, 250 words total. 2 APA cited references and reference list. No plagiarism!!!

6. Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is used everywhere today. The chips on debit cards, included in products for security, and injected in pets to help you recover them if they are lost. In at least 250 words and two scholarly sources, explain the two types of RFID chips, and discuss some advantages and disadvantages of using RFID chips



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