Johnson and Wales University Health Claim Is Alzheimers Research Paper

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Research Guidelines:

  • You are required to have a minimum of 4 sources for your paper: one of the resources is going to be your health claim article, one resource is going to be a primary research article, the two other resources can be websites or news articles.
  • A primary research article is a publication that actual scientists write up themselves and publish for everyone in their profession to read, usually in a scientific journal. They can be found using the library’s database search. You must find an article that comes from a scientific journal. Books, magazines, and newspapers do not count as primary sources.
  • Use only reliable, high-quality sources. Web searches can be used to supplement the information you find in books and magazine articles, but be sure to use verified sites (.edu, .gov). Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source for information, and should not be listed as one of your references.
  • Use the Health Claims Project Research Help link found in the left hand menu to help you find appropriate source

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