Korean movie paper

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Movie info: http://kissasian.com/Drama/The-Handmaiden

Follow the question to write a good 3 pages

1. The film takes place during Japan-occupied Korea. What role does the character of Count Fujiwara play in this context? How does it portray the Japanese people as a whole?

2. The film is undeniably a psychological game play of human relations. How would you interpret the relationship which develops between Sook-Hee and her mistress, Lady Hideko? What does it say about gender roles and family values? Have they become obsolete? Does it criticize the failure of contemporary men? If so, how so?

3. Does the film portray an honest relationship between the characters? Rather, can you perceive these characters being real individuals or do their personalities fall short of realism in favor of melodrama?

4. How does the film portray dysfunctional contemporary behavior? What statement does Hideko’s story make about contemporary relations?

5. How does the plot unfold? is it due to chance or cause and effect?


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