L1 Assignment: Mini-Project – Review of the Research Literature

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Complete a review of the recent research literature in the field of Emotional Intelligence by selecting and thoroughly reading one of the two articles provided.

  1. After thoroughly reading the article you have chosen, answer the questions below in a mini-project report. Please number/letter all responses to match the question prompts provided below.
  1. Introduction
    1. What is the research question the researchers hope to address through this study?
    2. Briefly state the hypothesis(es).
  2. Method Section
    1. What model of EI is being utilized in this investigation? Describe this model.
    2. What is a general description of the methods used to study the research question? What assessment (instrument) is being applied? And, to whom?
  3. Results Section – Discuss the major results of the study.
  4. Conclusions
    1. What did the researcher(s) conclude about their study? Did they confirm their research question?
    2. Do the researcher(s) make suggestions for future research? Is so, what do they suggest?
  5. What are your thoughts on this research? How does this research apply to your life?

Citation – Please provide an APA-formatted citation and include a “References” page listing the APA-formatted reference(s). Please see: The Purdue University Online Writing Lab to inform your process around address this requirement.


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