lab report 397

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I will post the instruction of how this lab report should be written as well as my results that I collected during the experiment and I will also post a link of my lab manual that we are working on Experiment 3 please read the experiment and follow the instruction to complete the lab report and notice that my instructor check for plagiarism. here is the instruction:

Title page:

  • Name, date, etc
  • Grading rubric

Results & Calculations:

  • Data tables:
    • Summarizing pH of tap water, DI water, outgassed water with bubbles
    • Summarizing pH of provided acids and bases
    • Summarizing acetic acid pH and % dissociation
  • Graph(s) associated with acetic acid & % dissociation
  • Calculations associated with the Ka of acetic acid
    • Don’t forget to get the known value from the CRC to calculate a % error!


  • A few things to consider:
    • Did your pH values for various substances make sense? Why? Why not?
    • What sorts of observations did you make? Did those contribute to your understanding of the various pH values you obtained?
    • How did your experimental Ka value of acetic acid compare to the known value? How did the experimental values compare to each other? Should the Ka value change based on concentration? Why? Why not?
  • What sources of error can you identify?

Procedure questions:

  • Answer the procedure questions given in the lab manual

Post Lab questions:

  • Answer the post lab questions given in the lab manual

here is the link to the lab manual we are working on experiment 3:…

and I will upload a picture of my results

Thank you

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