LAVC Hazard Field Trip Pamphlet Paper

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Hazard Field Trip Project: Part 2 Instructions


For the second part of your hazard mapping project, you will take  three local scale maps(atmosphere, lithosphere and hydrosphere) and combine them to create a unique 3 stop field trip pamphlet that summarizes the hazards at each of the three locations through images, captions and paragraphs.  These three locations should match up with your previous hazard assignments.  For example, if you talked about Hurricane Sandy for your Atmosphere Hazard Map, you should talk about it for this project.  Take the information you already collected and summarize it into about a paragraph to include on your pamphlet.

Hazard Field Trip Pamphlet 

How will you create a Hazard Field Trip Pamphlet?

You will design a digital “virtual” field trip pamphlet. Your completed pamphlet should “virtually” transport a student along a field trip route with three “stops” where a natural hazard can be observed and discussed. The local scale map from each map set will become the three “stops” for your field trip pamphlet. Use a word processing program like Word or Pages to create ONE 8.5″ x 11″ trifold pamphlet, double-sided field trip pamphlet that summarizes the hazard’s local level pattern, process and proposed solution at each of the three field trip “stops.” Use images, captions, tables, sketches, maps and paragraphs to illustrate your point and cite all outside information. Check out the following examples:

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