LAVC History of The Plantation Women in Antebellum America Paper

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DIRECTIONS: As we consider the impact of slavery on women in our readings for Mary Bokyn Chesnut


(white slave owner) and Harriet Jacobs (


escaped slave). Please watch the following lecture by Virginia Tech professor Beverly Bunch-Lyons (Links to an external site.)

PART I: After watching the Beverly Bunch-Lyons’ lecture, please answer one of the questions below. You should have chosen one question from below (Either A or B):


Make sure you choose one of the questions from section two to answer. 5 point value

A: What aspects of women’s resistance do Mary Boykin Chesnut and Harriet Jacobs discuss in their writings?

B: Compare and Contrast the way sex and sexual encounters are portrayed by Chesnut and Jacobs? Do they match the discussion provided by Dr. Bunch-Lyons?

PART II: You will respond to your peers with:  1 quote from your textbook to support their position and one reference to the 4 types of resistance. 5 points value


After reviewing the following sources below, please answer the following two questions using no more than 22-25 words:




Lowell Mill Accounts SOURCE 2


Lowell Mill Website-please read primary and secondary sources  CLICK HERE (Links to an external site.)

Video on Women of Lowell CLICK HERE (Links to an external site.)



The Objective: We do a lot of talking and expressing in today’s world of 2021. Today, I want you to think about editing, and being choosy. This is about being concise, direct, and using the fewest words possible.

QUESTION ONE: What were the biggest social changes that impacted women and their work between 1800 and 1830? (maximum 22-25 words)

QUESTION TWO: In your opinion was technology liberating or problematic for women and their role in society between 1800 and 1830? (maximum 22-25 words)

Please note grading is done based on accuracy, reflection of the sources I asked you to watch, and maintaining the word limit. Each question is worth 5 points.

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