LAVC Sociologist Player Trading Cards Paper

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Assignment: Sociologist Player Trading Cards

STEP 1: Select one of the sociological theorists discussed in this module. Search for relevant online biographical information about the sociologist, their family life, and/or their contributions to sociology that are not included in the module. Find a minimum of five facts that are interesting, fun, or outrageous (but true) about the sociologist you selected. What would interest people about this person? From mental illness to drunken brawls to living in abject poverty, early sociologists lived pretty colorful lives! Make sure you are using a minimum of 3 credible sources.

STEP 2: Find an open source image of the sociologist by using Google (or another search engine). Using Google search, you can click “Images” and then under “Tools” select “Usage Rights.” Then select “Labeled for Reuse with Modification,” and don’t forget to include the APA image citation.

STEP 4: Include a one-liner with the player’s (sociologist’s) stats, which in this case is their major contribution/s to sociology.


Assignment: Utilizing Secondary Research

Background: For many sociology students (and sociologists), secondary research can seem like the most “boring” research method; however, as we saw with Emile Durkheim’s early work on suicide using secondary data (death records), we are able to glean a great deal from utilizing existing statistical information.

STEP 1: Look at the bivariate (2 variable) table below. This comes from the Social Science Data Analysis Network (SSDAN) and is comprised of data from the American Community Survey (ACS), an annual Census-like survey.

STEP 2: Identify the independent variable and the dependent variable that could be tested based on this graph.

STEP 3: Summarize the bivariate table by making at least 3 TRUE statements about the variables using the data (the percentages) provided.

STEP 4: Use your sociological imagination to analyze the data. This should be a minimum of 2-3 sentences.

STEP 5: What policy recommendations would you make based on the data? This should be a minimum of 2-3 sentences.

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