LAVC The Cause of The Hypercalcemia and Science Case Study

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Question Description

I’m working on a science case study and need an explanation and answer to help me learn.

? Identify concepts of how health and disease affect and manifest in the interrelated
systems of the human body.
? Discuss interrelationships between pathophysiology, pharmacology, diagnostic
testing, and management on health and disease.
? Explain the physiologic signs and symptoms of disease and their impact on
functional health status.
? Delineate the risk factors highly correlated with specific health conditions.
? Identify the impact of specific diseases upon the U.S. population and globally. 

Case Study
Mr. Vanderveer, age 64, did not come to work one Monday and did not call in sick,
although he had said he was tired during the previous week. His supervisor became
concerned, because he knew that Mr. Vanderveer lived alone, and he went to Mr.
Vanderveer’s house that evening. No one responded to his knocking, but the door was
unlocked; the supervisor entered, calling Mr. Vanderveer’s name. He found Mr.
Vanderveer lying, fully clothed, on his bed. He was very lethargic and difficult to arouse.
No prescription drugs or alcohol were visible nearby.
The supervisor telephoned 911, and Mr. Vanderveer was admitted to the hospital with
an extremely high serum calcium concentration. His admission diagnosis was
hypercalcemia. Mr. Vanderveer became more alert while his calcium levels were
decreasing. He appeared healthy and said that he did not have a history of chronic

Ability to answer following questions:
1. In ascertaining the cause of the hypercalcemia, what questions would be useful to ask
regarding calcium intake and absorption?
2. Why would the physician ask Mr. Vanderveer if he took shark cartilage?
3. In addition to excessive calcium intake and absorption, what other factors could
cause hypercalcemia?

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