LAVC Week 2 Intersectionality and Identity Discussion

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Week Two-Course Blog Project

Throughout this course, you will read scholarly work on questions of
diversity, exclusion and inclusion. You will write a weekly blog
reflecting upon those issues, but rather than offering an
unsubstantiated opinion on these matters, you’ll be expected to offer a
unique but informed opinion supported by scholarly research and
empirical evidence.

You will have the freedom to choose the topic and the particular angle of
the issue as you wish to explore it, but there are some clear
parameters you’ll need to follow.

Each blog entry must have:

  1. Minimum 350 words (15% penalty for falling short of the word count)
  2. 1 citation from academic source materials read that week in class. This must be cited with a page number and author. Sources may not be reused week-to-week.
  3. 1 citation of an academic source (a relevant peer-reviewed article) from outside of class. Hint: Wikipedia is not an academic source. Sources may not be reused week-to-week.
  4. 1 citation of a news media article relevant to the topic.
  5. At least 1 audio or visual element that adds substantial content to support your argument. This could be a link to a video, pictures, etc.

You’ll complete your blog each week by no later than midnight Thursday. In addition to your weekly discussion responses, please respond to at least two of your classmates’ blogs, reflecting upon what they’ve done, and at a minimum of 200 words per response. Two responses to classmates are due by 11:59pm PST Sunday. Your blog entry and responses to classmates will be graded each week.


  1. Please respond to the following prompt.
  2. The response must be between 750-1000 words. Students that fall short of the required word count will receive a 10% deduction.
  3. You must cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources— news media articles do not count as scholarly sources, only peer reviewed journals, books, etc.
  4. You must cite all sources clearly and consistently, regardless of the citation style you choose be sure to keep it consistent.
  5. You must include a works cited (not part of the word count) at the end.
  6. You response should include considerable reflection on the pertinent
    course terms and concepts, failing to reference these consistently
    throughout will result in a deduction.

Week Two Prompt

We have stated that our primary theoretical framework in this course in
Intersectionality, which states that we should not view identity as
‘either/or’ but rather ‘both/and’ across different categories. From this
point of view, we must work hard analytically to understand an
individual’s ‘Standpoint’ on the basis of their relationship to
categories of identity. Selecting at least two of the major categories
of your own identity, discuss how those categories have intersected to
shape your own life experiences, and how your experiences may be similar
or different from others on the basis of one or both of those
categories. A good example if Sojourner Truth’s speech “Ain’t I a
Woman,” in which she points out that her status as a woman of color
means she is not included in many of the conversations her fellow white
feminists were having at the time

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