Leadership and Ethical Decision Making U1DB2 2nd Response to Shante

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Using 100 words or more, please respond to the following post:

To set the stage for Theresa and Mike, I will explain the difference between leading and managing, as for leading- is someone who takes the lead by showing the team how variety of task should be done. Leaders provide training, great advice and always there to answer all questions. For example, “my past manager was by my side to help me understand the basic obligations as an employee far as making sure myself and my co-workers meeting the company’s policy. Leaders are those Individuals who can inspire others to make sure that everyone is on the same page like for example for Theresa and Mike can look at what should be done for them, the employees and managers to set a prefect vision for the merge of both companies. For instance, who will do what as they process through the merge of combining both companies. Leaders are open minded individuals who involve others as a team. Managing is totally the opposite, it’s an individual with higher position such as supervisor or manager who manage people or the company.


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