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Leadership Expert Question of the Week: Distinguish the difference between a leader and a manager. In addition to providing your response to the question, find a unique cartoon, YouTube video, or other visual that supports this distinction. Post a link to the video along with your discussion in your assigned forum. Include job title in subject line. Also, include academic support in the body of your deliverable.

The following is a brief outline of the information needed to write an analysis for the mini-cases


Problem Background

Alternatives (at least two) to solve problem; use information from the assigned reading and other academic sources to support your work.

Recommendation (based from alternatives); use information from the assigned reading and other academic sources to support your work.


You must provide at least 2 page

My job title is E, Leadership Expert (Job E)—Answers the instructor posted question of the week. Must support post with some theoretical study from the text. All responses must be supported with at least one -two principles and/or theories from the chapter material.

This is someone’s job E, you need do things like that

Leadership Expert (Job E)

Louis Ward

MGT 4471

Comparing Managers to Leaders

Managers and leaders share many of the same qualities, but often times serve two completely different purposes. Managers do indeed provide leadership, but are not placed in decision making situations as often as leaders are. Managers are generally more focused on the short term goals while leadership focuses more on the long term. In efficient working conditions, managers and leaders work together to provide the best possible outcome.

In the journal “Managers vs. Leaders,” James Colvard explains that managers are usually focused on following policy, while leaders will establish principles. This idea made a lot of sense to me because I have witnessed managers blindly follow company policy even if it reduces efficiency. On the other hand, I have also heard leaders say that policy is only there to guide you, and claim it is okay to step outside of policy if needed. This relates to another point Colvard made in his article where he states, “A manager is concerned with doing things right; a leader is concerned with doing the right things” (Colvard). Leaders are more inclined to look at the bigger picture while managers are responsible for maintaining guidelines in the day-to-day operations.

Another difference between a manager and a leader is the attitude he or she may have towards the team. The old idea of management views subordinates as lesser copies of the manager, while leaders will view their subordinates as equal contributors of the team (Fagiano). Leaders look to empower their subordinates and expect them to become the leader during certain situations. A leader wants a team full of potential leaders instead of a team who is simply there to follow orders.

Good managers will share many of the same qualities as leaders, but there is an obvious difference. Leaders are tasked with motivating his or her team and empowering individuals. Members of a team are happier to work with a leader than with a manager and are often times more efficient in their jobs. A good manager can also be a leader and many organizations look for leadership qualities when filling management positions.

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