Leadership how it affects the U S Army NCO Corps history homework help

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1. Length: Targeted paper length is 4 – 6 full pages in length (excluding cover sheet, annex, and works cited)

2. Formatting:

-1 inch margins, (top/bottom and sides)

-Times New Roman

-Double space

– 12 font used throughout

3.Supporting Documents: Provided all of the following:

Draft paper containing draft outline

4. Body and Paragraph Construction/Mechanics:Paper included all of the following:

Introduction with purpose statement, body, and conclusion.

-Paper is clear and concise and understandable in a single rapid reading.

-Generally free of grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.

-Minimal use of passive voice

-All acronyms are spelled out first

5. Content and Themes: Thoroughly described each theme and provided detailed examples or evidence for each of the following:

– Topic of Discussion

– Contributing Factors to this Issue

– Actions required to encourage the positive and to mitigate the negative aspects of the topic.

6.Analysis: Present own detailed, strong and convincing analysis, based on research, and personal experience, to answer the following questions:

What are the benefits the NCO Corps gain from reinforcement of selected topic? Provided at least two examples.

What are the consequences the NCO Corps will face if problem or issue IS NOT resolved? Provided at least two examples.



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