Lean Canvas for SEGWAY on Reverse Engineering

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You will read the case and create a Lean Canvas for SEGWAY on Reverse Engineering, you will explain what could have been done differently with the SEGWAY Solution.

“It was early 2013, a rough time for the startup and its aspirations of changing how the world gets around. Brown had bought the company for just $9 million a few weeks before and flown in from his home in Tennessee to begin turning things around. What better way to get a sense of the place than to zip about on its signature product?” CNN Business

You have been provided with cases of Segway and how it was founded:

1-Create a LEAN CANVAS for Segway base on how you would have solved the problem at hand.

2-.List Customer Interviews that Segway could have done! – Use Customer Interviews Scenario.

3- Should Segway call it a quit or could have Persevere? Why or why not (You need to write a minimum paragraph.)


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