limitation and uncertainty part

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can you basic on my current work and my professor’s feedback, write limitation and uncertainty part. around 700 words.

Research questions- on track

Statistical tests- on track

Operational procedures – add the info of how many people we are sending the questionnaires to. We may need to rethink our targets that we are sending the questionnaires to. If we decide not to change, then we need to explain some limitations that may occur. If we decide to target worldwide, we better explain the reason. Try to avoid picking up confounding variables and explain how we try to avoid. (e.g., we won’t send the questionnaires to a mother and her kids. To avoid sending non randomized targets, what are we going to do…?)

Variables- how to define the age group? We need to have some reasons.

Limitations- the population of interest/ sample may not be completely randomized. The differences that we found through this study may be due to some other factors. At the end, we need to explain how we try to eliminate these limitations.

Others- as for our final project, what we are going to do is to finalize our research proposal so we don’t need any raw data or questionnaires that collected back from our targets. Basically we don’t need to conduct our research.

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