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Assignment Description

Due by 1/24/23 by 11 am

Times New Roman, 12pt, double space 1-inch margins, APA format. There must be a separate page with reference/s, plus 6 pages total of written work which includes an opening and closing paragraph. Please insert in-text citations appropriately. A minimum of 5 references and all within 5 years of 2023. American literature in early childhood education. The course readings will be attached separately.

For your first assignment, compose a paper in two parts (total of 6 pages).  The first part will briefly discuss the points below and the second will be the reflection about how any of these theories could be implemented in your current or future work and what that would look like.

Part I (3 pages)


 Larson, J. and Marsh, J. (2015). 
Making literacy real: Theories and practices for learning and teaching, 2nd Edition. Los Angeles, CA: SAGE.

 Fisher, D., Frey, N., and Hattie, J. (2016). 
Visible Learning for Literacy: Implementing the practices that work best to accelerate student learning Grades K-12. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin, A SAGE Publishing Company.

From the Larson & Marsh (2015) text, please answer the following

From Chapter 1: 

· Discuss and define the deficit model on p. 4 and how our traditional teaching of literacy has created this model. 

· What suggestions do the authors offer as an anecdote to deficit model kind of teaching and the impact it has on children identified as ‘inadequate’?

· Define and discuss literacy as a social practice and what this looks like in classrooms.

In your own words, define the theory presented in each chapter (2-5):

· New Literacy Studies (ch. 2) – read Table 2.1 first

· Critical Literacy (ch. 3)

· Literacy and Digital Technologies (ch. 4)

· Multimodality and Artifactual Literacies (ch. 5)

Part II Reflection (3 pages)

In this part of the paper, I would like for you to examine how any of the theories discussed in Part I could be implemented in your current or future work with children, and what this would look like.  This section is asking you to choose one or more theories that made an impression on you and to plan activities and conversations you would have with your students. 

For example, if I chose Critical Literacy, I might add that I would have children read a storybook (Cinderella) and then we would re-write the book.  We would do this by discussing who is ‘in’ the story and who is left out? (meaning white people are in the book and people of color are excluded). We would talk about what we would change in the story if we could.  Perhaps there would be a princess saving a man or a regular girl saving the prince.  Perhaps the lead characters are people of color.  I would go on to discuss how these activities would take place and how I would guide the children (even preK) to creating books that re-write this story.

This section of the paper should do the following:

· Name your theory (or theories) and why you chose it (them)

· Define the theory (theories) in your own words

· Discuss the activities you would do and explain how these activities support the theory you chose.

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