***Literary Analysis Essay****

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For this assignment, you have a choice. You can either write a literary analysis paper solely on our book, I, Robot or you can analyze the relationship between the book and the “I, Robot” movie we saw in class the other day. As a recap, briefly,

Literary Analysis

  1. Is focused on one topic
    1. A theme or symbol(s) or development, and so on.
  2. It may be interpretive or evaluative in nature
  3. Is supported by:
    1. textual examples
    2. explanations
    3. outside sources (cited, of course)
  4. It examines the text, not the author.
  5. It may consider any/all of the following:
    1. structure, plot
    2. setting(s)
    3. character(s)
    4. style, tone, language
    5. symbols, allegories, allusions
    6. theme(s)
  6. If there is a summary, it is extremely brief (perhaps a sentence or two, certainly no more than a paragraph).
  7. Remember that the narrator is not the same as the author.
  8. Literature is crafted, so examine the craft
  9. Consider the context of the literature:
    1. What forces shaped it?
    2. How was it received?

You essay must be :

  1. Written in third-person narrative perspective
  2. Use multiple (at least three) sources that are
    1. Explained
    2. Cited
  3. Clearly organized
  4. Follows MLA style and format
  5. Five to seven pages in length, plus a Works Cited page and an outline

If you plan to examine the book, then you’ll want to try to focus on just one aspect that runs through most, if not all, of the stories. It may be a character or characters such as Susan Calvin or Powell and Donovan. It may be the development and increased sophistication of the robots as the stories progress. It may be the Three Laws of Robotics and how they play out in the various stories. It may be the changing, dynamic relationships between robots and humans. I’m sure there are other ideas as well. Whatever you choose, please try to find something that threads its way throughout the majority of the nine short stories in our text.

If you plan to examine the relationship between the book and the movie, then you’ll want to examine the movie’s ideas (characters, plot, settings, themes, and so on) and determine what the movie’s authors borrowed from the book. We know that there is not a one-to-one relationship between the book and the movie. The movie takes bits and pieces from various stories in the book. What are those bits and pieces? Why do you think the movie authors took those particular pieces? What was important about those borrowed items? What types of things were left out? Did the movie end on a different thematic idea than the book, or was it similar? It is important to not only recognize what was borrowed but to examine and make educated guesses as to why and what was important.

I hope you enjoy writing this literary analysis on I, Robot.


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