[Literature Review] Marijuana Usage and Academic Performance

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This task is urgent; the earlier it can be sent, the better; the provided deadline represents the maximum time as it can not be extended.

Topic of the paper: Marijuana Usage and Academic Performance

Request: Write a 6 pages, APA format, literature review, double spaced based on the topic above which follows the following format:

1) Introduce your topic.

2) Identify the problem. Why is it a problem? Also, for whom?
You might want to conclude your problem statement by explaining the purpose of your research. Alternatively, you may move the statement of purpose to the very end, or state it again.

3) Why are the topic and the problem important to you personally? (This is your reflexivity statement piece. Make sure it connects to the other sections.

4) Review of the literature (minimum of six peer-reviewed articles for individual papers, and 10 minimum for collaborative projects). Write this section as a narrative, synthesizing your opinions and ideas with existing research. It should argue that your research will be a valuable addition to what we already know.

5) Finally, the last page should include the list of references formatted in the APA 7 format. In-text APA citations are required. Use Times New Roman, 12 points, double spaced paragraph settings. The paper should be at least 6 full pages which does not include cover and reference page.

6) In order for the paper to be considered, it needs to score at least 90 points out of 100 on Grammarly and should NOT have any incoherent sentences.


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