ma famille et moi

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you have to write a coherent text about you and your friend/friends.

Write in FRENCH, of course! Use material you have studied and worked with from Unit 1 A&B and Unit 2 A&B, use also Unit 3 A and B – don’t rely on the dictionary, but instead on what you KNOW from class (vocabulary and grammar) and your textbook Units. After you write your passage, be sure and take a moment to check over your work carefully and correct any errors you notice in spelling, grammar, etc.!

Minimum 8-10 sentences (at least 50 – 60 words overall) – TYPED in a word document, Times New Roman, double-spaced, 1 inch margins – I will count off if this is not done!

Be sure and try to include transition words like “et (and); mais (but); ; après (after), aussi – also” to help make the content flow smoothly and not sound “choppy”.


Write 50 – 60 words for this topic: Moi et ma famille

Tell me all about your family – identify the members of your family (your parents, brothers and sisters etc), their ages (you might even mention when their birthdays are – if you know!) and what they are like (describe their personality and their appearance using the adjectives from Units 2 and 3). You might also add information about their profession and job, e.g. Mon père est ingénieur et ma mère est professeur de biologie au lycée (high school).

Additionally, you can include information about your pets (dogs, cats, birds etc.), if you have them.

You are expected to use grammar and vocabulary from Unit 1 A&B and Unit 2 A&B. But also, use Unit 3A&B, Vocabulary, p. 120, sections: ‘Adjectifs descriptifs’, ‘Professions et occupations’.

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