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Main post :

Discussion Board Topic:Use of Discretion?

How do you describe the concept and use of discretion by police officers? Which factors are most important in influencing and the importance of its use? Provide examples that you or someone close to you has experienced.

If you have no experience, consider the following scenario: You are a police officer on a routine patrol. As you pass by a neighborhood park, you notice a group of what appear to be 14 to 15 year olds out past curfew. What are some factors you may consider in deciding how to handle the case? How does this impact the outcome of the case? How does this affect the future of the involved youth? 1-2 paragraphs (250 words)

+Respond (each respond around 50 words) to this 2 student post :

1)Claudio; I believe that school plays a huge roll on a juveniles life path and can impact greatly how they grow up to be. Although there is a combination of things that can lead to a person dropping out of school and it all starts at home. For a person to drop out of school they have to have their reasons, unstable home, no resources, domestic violence problems, and they can all affect a person to the point where they do not see school as an important factor in their lives. This is the recipe for someone to go out there and commit crimes and to believe that a life of crimes is easier and/or has better benefits to attain than by going to school and getting an education. Some people grow up to believe that the pros of committing a crime outweigh the cons and therefore school and education fall second to the benefits of delinquency.

2)Selim : I agree that school failure is the cause of delinquency. School is a way of getting you out of where you are as a kid and hoping for the better out of everyone completing their education. In a way if you do not care about your future and education then you are not going to care about anything else in life and you are going to do what you have to do in order to get what you need in life if that consist of selling drugs or robbing people.

Education opens up the mind of people and gives them ideas of what to become in the future. We get ideas and problems solve while educating ourselves.

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