Major IT Theories and Models

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ch of the following terms refers to a theory or model that has been used to explain an aspect of information technology creation, adoption, proliferation, or obsolescence. Select any two of the theories or models to research using Capella library, Internet, and other resources available to you.

  • Sociotechnical systems theory.
  • Structuration theory.
  • Innovation diffusion theory.
  • Technology acceptance model.
  • Theory of reasoned action.
  • Theory of planned behavior.
  • Human-computer interaction and the usability engineering approach to acceptance.
  • Social construction of technology theory.
  • Actor-network theory.
  • Systems theory.
  • Activity theory.
  • Value-sensitive design.
  • Other—you may select a relevant IT theory or model that is not listed here.

Provide a brief description of your selected theories or models from the list above or have identified on your own. What aspects of information technology can the theory or model help you understand?

Response Guidelines

Return and review the posts of your fellow learners, paying special attention to those who explored theories or models different from your post. Reflect on the experiences you have had as an employee or in an IT professional role. Do any of the theories, either yours or those of your classmates, resonate with you? Might the predictions or tenets of these theories or models have been observable in the way events unfolded in an IT-related scenario? Consider the design, selection, or implementation of IT in an organization. In other words, is there a theory or model that accurately describes your experience? Please explain.

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