Majority Minority Relations sociology assignment help

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Answer each essay question with a solid paragraph.

  1. A great deal of research has found discrimination in the home lending and home insurance industry. Describe the major findings and why these policies affect minority groups, particularly African Americans more than other groups in our society. Please explain, institutionally, how this occurs.
  2. What are the three major theories on the economics of discrimination [the Gary Becker Theory, the Split Labor Market Theory, and the Marxist Theory]? What are their strengths and weaknesses? Who benefits and who loses, based on these theories? Provide specific examples to support your position.
  3. Explain the two competing perspectives, (cultural deprivation arguments versus cultural bias arguments) offered from the Farley text that help us understand why racial minority children do not do as well as white children in school.
  4. What is environmental racism? How does this concept apply to the experiences of Native Americans? To the experiences of African Americans? Be prepared to provide specific examples to support your position

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