make a frequency distribution to summarize the top 25 workplaces by country

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Read for resource , Then complete the following:

  1. Make a frequency distribution to summarize the top 25 workplaces by country. Create a table with two columns. The first column will list the “country” and the second column will list how many of the “top 25 companies” have headquarters in each country ).
  2. Use Microsoft Excel (Links to an external site.) to draw a pie chart that shows the distribution of these workplaces by country. In which country are the most of the top 25 workplaces located?
  3. Suppose you get a job offer from one of these top 25 companies (job location at the company headquarters). In order to help you make an important decision in your career let us investigate the rent, average summer highs, and average winter lows in the city where the headquarter is located as well as the average monthly net salary, company reputation ranking , and the number of employees. Use the following or other creditable sources to gather your data:

4. The columns list the variables used to collect data. State whether each variable is treated as categorical or quantitative in this data set. If the variable is quantitative, state the units.

5. Now consider the column “Average 1 bedroom apt rent in city center”. Use Microsoft Excel to draw a histogram of the rent data. Describe the shape of this distribution of data.

6. Use Microsoft Excel to sketch a boxplot of the “Average Monthly net salary” data. Are there any outliers? If yes, identify the company/ies. Report the 5 number summary of this data.

7. Do you consider climate to play an important role in your choice of the favorite workplace? Elaborate using 3 to 4 sentences.

8. Were you biased due to the “name” of the company or the location of the company? Discuss using 2 to 3 sentences.

9. Does your choice stand out as an outlier as identified in step 6? If not, where is it approximately located on the graph. Elaborate using 2 to 3 sentences.

10. In a couple of paragraphs discuss to support your choice of the favorite workplace taking into consideration rent, average salary, climate and ranking data.

Students must clearly indicate the question number and provide any graph/table/discussion and/or opinion for each question. The raw data must be included in step #3 along with other sources that may have been used to gather data as well as disclaimer about data that was not available. All graphical displays must be drawn using Excel. Answers must be thoughtful, written in complete sentences and checked for grammar, punctuation and spelling. For a detailed rubric scroll down.

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