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Marketing objectives would facilitate the branding of our mental health app. The marketing objectives constitute fundamental marketing strategies that need to be implemented by our team. In the development of the mental health app, we shall focus on various marketing strategies. As a team, we shall focus on growing brand awareness to popularize the new mental health app, which is only known to a limited audience. This marketing objective would facilitate the expansion of our reach in getting more people to familiarize themselves with the Mental net and create loyal customers. Through grow brand awareness, we shall post the mental net app to different websites to attract referrals, gain new leads, and establish a partnership with other well-established mental health organizations.

The other marketing objective we would focus on as a team is to promote new products and services. The Mental net targets to launch new offerings such as finding therapists within the area of the patients, refilling prescriptions, and establishing a 24/7 health line. The launch of the mental health app will facilitate the accomplishments of these set objectives within the set period. Additionally, we would focus on increasing our sales as part of our marketing objective. The increase in sales is achievable through ensuring more people have access to the mental health app download at a cheaper price of around $ 10. The accessibility of the mental net app to many people will increase the number of people seeking our services, leading to a rise in revenues.

The success of the marketing objectives used in the mental health app is measurable through the assessment of Key Performance Indicator (KPIs) and tracking benchmarks. The marketing strategies are assigned with numbers, deadlines, and metrics. The assessment of the KPIs and the marketing metrics will facilitate the evaluation of the mental net progress (Berkowitz, 2016). Tracking the benchmarks of the mental health app will facilitate the achievement of the marketing objective. As our team embarks on the marketing plan for the mental health app, we will assign appropriate KPIs that will assist in the assessment and measuring of mental net output.

The measurement of marketing objectives through tracking benchmarks and KPIs assessment entails measures such as website metrics, social media engagement, and new customer acquisition. The marketing objective of our team focuses on launching the mental health app, which is a digital plan; hence, it requires a keen observation of online KPIs and web analytics. The web analytics and online KPIs indicate the performance of the app based on the number of sessions, unique visitors, page views, bounce rate, and time on site that the website has been visited and reviewed.

Additionally, when engaging with the mental net app, it is prudent to relate it with social media for the utilization of KPIs. This is achievable through increasing the number of fans, assessing the online comments, online shares, opt-ins, and checking the percentage of the website traffic. During the growth phase of the mental health app, keeping an observation of new customer acquisition and metrics helps in recording the KPIs measure on the performance of the marketing objectives.

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