make a question and answer it

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Attached is the link to the book

Chapter 10 also there is powerpoint attached and slides 400 words

Open Book please come up with ONE question that will allow you to APPLY concept(s) from chapter 10 to the Tricon Restaurant case.Then provide an answer to your own question.Since you will come up with your own question, be sure to include it as part of your deliverable.Question + answer together MAXIMUM 400 words if you are using running text format (single-spaced, Times New Roman, 11-point font, and 1-inch margins) or 1 page if your answer is in the form of an exhibit/table.Avoid a question that does not allow you to apply concepts from chapter 10 or to show your “value” addition.Let me give examples here.What are Tricon’s goals for the future?These goals are listed in exhibit 9.What human resource policies does Tricon follow?Again, these policies are readily available on pages 12-13 of the case.In both questions, you do not have much opportunity to show your value addition.Also, there is no direct connection to chapter 10 concepts.Therefore, start with a question that will allow you to apply chapter 10 concepts in a meaningful way.Be creative!Just to be clear, you are not working with anyone else in the class for part b.

What material do I need to focus on for part b?

The chapter PowerPoint slides closely follow material in the text.But 4-page slides for a chapter may come from more than 30/40 pages in the text.Naturally, the chapter PP slides will not have the detailed explanation that is available in the book.

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