Management Concepts and Systems Paper

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  1. Write a four- to five-page paper in which you:
    • Research the five management concepts below:
      • Evidence Based Management
      • Knowledge Based Management
      • Systemic Structures
      • Double-Loop Learning
      • Mental Models

Illustrate the strengths and weaknesses of each of the management concepts, relative to patient safety and medical errors. Specifically, assess how the application of the principles of each concept might help prevent organizational incidents and assure patient safety. Include how each concept would help with the investigation of incidents.

  • Research two specific examples of two of the management concepts and discuss the strengths and weaknesses of the two examples.
  • Develop a basic incident response tool (e.g., a flow-chart, process diagram, decision tree, etc.) that integrates the strengths of three of the management concepts. 
  1. Prepare your assignment for submission:
    • Follow all applicable APA Guidelines  Links to an external site.regarding in-text citations, list of cited references, and document formatting for this paper. Failure to properly cite and reference sources constitutes plagiarism.
    • The title page and reference list are not included in the page count for this paper.
    • Proofread your assignment carefully. Improper English grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, or spelling will result in significant point deductions. 
  2. Submit your assignment. Your work will automatically be checked by Turnitin.

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