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Marketing Analysis

Cite all sources using APA formatting.

For this assignment, you will submit a 15–20 slide PowerPoint presentation. Remember you are to create a professional-looking presentation with visual appeal and professional formatting.

Your presentation should include:

Slides of general information about your chosen company.

Slides for each of the four Ps: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion. Each “P” should include key points of their marketing actions, strategies, and key concepts as it relates to each “P.”

Slides noting your integrated marketing program analysis of the company.

Slides noting your analysis of their marketing strategies to business success.

Slides noting your analysis of marketing to sales plan success.

Sides names

Executive summary

About the company


Product cont…

Product: aPME

Product, aCO

Place: Distribution

Place: placement

Pricing comparison

Promotion: communication strategy

Promotion: communication strategy Cont…

Promotion: communication channels

Sale approach

Strategy: target market

Strategy: target market cont..



: sample co-branding

Recommendations : partner portal


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