Marketing Essay Interview

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Conduct a 15 to 30 minute interview with an airline or airline
supplier sales/marketing employee. The interview can be conducted in
person, over the phone, through a cyber chat or Skype. The person you
choose to interview must be in sales or marketing, those in other
positions such as flight operations, baggage, maintenance, etc., are not
acceptable. Examples: an employee selling freight, ticket sales agents,
marketing communications, pricing analyst, and a marketing executive.

The purpose of the interview is to learn more
about their job and to better understand the rewards and challenges of
their sales/marketing position. Although there is no set script or
questions for this assignment, it is suggested that you investigate
their tenure in their current sales/marketing position, what they like
about their job, what they don’t like about their job. How the marketing
decisions and polices they make affect other departments and functions
within their company. It is important to be creative in formulating your
questions so that you can learn more about aviation marketing as a
potential career.

The suggested length of your written interview is 2
pages, double-spaced. The interview should be written in an essay
format, do not number your questions. A title page with your name and
the person you interviewed, along with the date and communication tool
used for the interview is required. Chat logs are not acceptable as a
deliverable. A reference page is optional.

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