Masters Degree Masters in Antibiotics Discussion

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  1. DQ 5. Each student should read the assigned reading,A Brief History of the Antibiotic Era: Lessons Learned and Challenges for the Future.” This article provides a nice and succinct overview of many aspects of the “antibiotic era”. Create your initial post on the DQ 5 Discussion Board in response to the following:
  • Demonstrate how you can use referenced articles to learn MORE about a specific statement or discussion in one of your assigned readings. For this post please include the following in a single post using the numbers to designate your response to the following three parts of your post:
    1. The context of the in text citation within the assigned reading. You can cut and paste the paragraph or sentences directly from this assigned reading that you were interested in/confused by/wanted to learn more about.
    2. What specifically you were interested in/confused by/wanted to learn more about? In 1-2 sentences describe what made you decide that you needed to look up the cited reference to learn more. Please be specific.
    3. The full citation of the reference cited in the assigned reading that you looked up. If possible also include a hyperlink to this paper in your post so your classmates and myself can quickly access it.
    4. What additional information/clarification/details you were able to find in the cited reference? Provide specific additional facts/information/details that you uncovered in the cited reference that are NOT included in the assigned reading that help enhance your understanding of the assigned reading
    1. DQ-6 Create your initial post on the DQ 6 Discussion Board in response to the following questions:
      • Based on the assigned reading, “Antibiotics: Where did we go wrong?”. In this paper the authors provide an overview of some of the “drivers” of antibiotics R&D and they end their paper listing 8 key aspects of “Where did we go wrong?”. Pick ONE of these 8 key aspects of where we went wrong and provide additional details (from this paper and other referenced papers and/or additional references) to enhance our understanding of how what is meant by the authors listing this as a way we “went wrong”. Your post should contain the following:
        1. What aspect of “where we went wrong” did you pick? List based on the headings used by the authors in the assigned reading.
        2. Give a specific example of this aspect of where we “went wrong” in action. You should describe this example briefly and directly. Your example should be specific (i.e. a reference describing why a specific company stopped investing in antibiotics, a reference describing the emergence of “unexpected” resistance, a reference describing a shift in business structure for antibiotics.)
        3. Full reference for the example you found enhancing our understanding of specific ways in which we “went wrong” according to the authors of the assigned paper.
    2. After posting, return to the board and read over the posts of your fellow classmates. Choose at least one classmate and create a post commenting on his/her examples they provided to “where we went wrong”. You should comment on only ONE of your classmates “examples”. Only ONE student (first-come-first-served) is allowed to comment on each initial post, so every post should receive minimally one comment. You are not allowed to comment on your own post. Your comment should include the following…maybe we can reclassify the ways we “went wrong” together here:

      • Classify the example your classmate gave of how we “went wrong” an example of a problem in:
        • society/culture
        • government/legislation/administration
        • Business
        • Science
        • other (define a category)

      Provide 1-2 sentences about why you categorized this “way we went wrong” the way you did.

      • Give 1-2 sentences to describe a “solution” to the specific type of problem provided in the example you are commenting on. Note that your solution should match your classification of the example above. (e.g. Don’t suggest a scientific solution to a cultural problem!)

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