Masters in Social Work Statement of Purpose sociology homework help

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Hello I am applying for my the Masters program at Aurora University in IL. I currently hold a Bachelor of Science in Psychology. I am pursuing my degree in Social Work in order to work at the Veterans Hospital. I have to write a Statement of Purpose. The personal statement should be double-spaced narrative of two to three pages and reflect standards of graduate-level writing.

Please address the following in your statement.

  • Why have you chosen to pursue a MSW degree and what are your professional aspirations?
    My personal aspiration would be to provide for therapeutic intervention to help residents cope with the social and psychological aspects of their illnesses, impairments, or disabilities as well as their feelings about institutionalization and separation from family, community, physical and emotional loss. Please expand on this by researching professional aspiration of a social worker.
  • Why have you chosen Aurora University to pursue your MSW?
    I don’t know. But I have included the link for you to review to answer this question.

    You could find more information about what Social Workers do at the VA by using google.


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