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Although Infant Mortality has decreased significantly in the United States over the past several decades, there are still relatively large numbers of deaths attributed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and Sudden Unexpected Infant Death. These sleep-related infant deaths are often difficult to classify definitively given the similar scenarios in which the deaths occur. It is not uncommon that a specific cause of death may not be discernible even after autopsy.

Currently, significant attention is being focused on the link between co-sleeping/co-bedding, where the infant sleeps in the same bed as the parent (s), and SUID, or accidental suffocation.

For better understanding of SIDS and SUID, and related risks, check out the CDC SIDS website at:

Then take a look at this very brief video:

To complete this discussion post, you will need to do some research to explore existing campaigns, slogans or marketing materials aimed at reducing Co-Sleeping/co-bedding/Accidental Suffocation of infants. You will easily find much material on this topic on the Internet. There are a number of national, state and local campaigns focused on increasing awareness, and reducing the incidence of SUID/accidental suffocation in the U. S., such as the ABCs of Safe Sleep or Safe to Sleep or campaigns (do not use examples given here). Here is one example of a controversial campaign poster for Safe Sleep Milwaukee:Safe Sleep Milwaukee Campaign

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