Matrix and risk response strategy excel homework help

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A) Create a risk register for the project using the attached template Below. Identify six potential risks, using information from the case study. Include both negative and positive risks. Read the ” Case Study” . Risk register (A) folder attached

B) Develop a risk response strategy for one of the negative and one of the positive risks identified in assignment #A. Write a paragraph on each strategy describing the specific tasks would need to be done to implement the strategy. Read the ” Case Study”

C) For the risks identified in assignment #A, plot these risks on a probability/impact matrix. Also assign a numeric value for the probability and impact of each risk on meeting the main project objective. Use a scale of 1 to 10 in assigning the values, with 1 being low and 10 being high. For a simple risk factor calculation, multiply these two values. Read the case stud. risk matrix (C) folder attached

D) Suppose that your team has discussed management’s request. You agree that it makes sense to have another organization manage the training portion for this new application. You have been asked to develop a statement of work for this engagement. Read the “Case Study” as folder prior to attempting this assignment. statement of work (D) folder attached

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