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assignment tasks:
Task 1.

Determine the contents of the file register WREG, REGF and status of Carry, Digit Carry and Zero flags after execution of each instruction in the following assembly program. Show the steps of execution converting to binary and result in hexadecimal format.

Task 2:

Write an assembly language program to

a) Find the given byte in file register 45H is odd or even. If it is odd display 0FFH in Port D else display 00H.

B) Explain the algorithm of the program Logic

C) Execute the same in MPLABX tool and show the simulation results and generate HEX file

(5 marks each for executing program in MPLABX, output and SFR)

D) Simulate the generated HEX file in PICSimLab and display the result using LEDs

Task 3
3. Write an assembly language program for PIC16F877A to transfer “ELECTRON” using serial communication at 4800 baud continuously. Assume XTAL = 10 MHz and delay between each letter to be of 300 ms. Explain the purpose or logic with comments after each instruction in the program.

all the requirements in the PDF file .

Similarity less than 5%

Turnitin report nee


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