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Read/Watch a current event related  to
 Minerals only.

You can find tons and tons of articles on the Internet through credible sources (news websites, Geology Today, documentaries on you tube etc). Look for long articles to be able to reproduce 20-25 decent lines in your posts.

Read/watch through the article/documentary and summarize it in your own words (10 points). A good, solid 20-25 knowledgeable sentences are required to make a full grade. Hit 
reply and type or copy and paste in the box provided when you are ready to submit the DB. Do not attach files since I don’t download foreign files on my computer. Failure to do so will result in a grade of zero.

Follow the deadline posted in the syllabus to post your article. If your article is not posted by the given deadline you will receive a grade of zero regardless.

References are required.  If I cannot locate your reference, I will take away 2 points regardless.

The article needs to be current (not older than a few weeks) and should be related to the topics dictated above strictly.


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