mis 307 homework 4

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MIS 307 Homework 4

Develop a program to read and process ameshousing.txt1 . When the program starts, it automatically read the text file in store the information in the array lists. The main program has user menu with the following four options. (W)rite all propertyIDs to a text file (P)rint all propertyIDs and sqrt of houses with sqft > X (S)earch by neighborhood: print propertyIDs and neighborhood names (Q)uit program The user can select the options by typing W, P, S, or Q in the main menu. When W is selected, one text files (output.txt) will be created. When P is selected, the user is asked to enter X. Then, all propertyIDs and the sqft with sqft > X are printed in the console. When S is selected, the user is asked to enter a neighborhood. Then, all propertyIDs and neighborhood names of the houses in the selected neighborhood will be printed in the console. When user selects Q, the program terminates. Check Appendix in Pages 2 and 3 for a sample run of the program.


Provide one source file (*.java) for the question. Use the provided incomplete source file (AmesHousing.java) to answer the question. In modifying the source files, 1. Do not change the file (class) names. Three Points will be deducted if you have different names. Class name changed due to Canvas (e.g., Classname(1).java, Classname(2).java) is ignored. 2. Fill in your name in the @author section of the comment in each of the files. If you do not, two points will be deducted. Sample text file is also provided with the question: ameshousing.txt. Note that your class should be able to give correct outputs when the contents of the files are changed (you can assume the file format remains the same though). You do not need to submit these text file (ameshousing.txt). Submit your work to Canvas. Make sure to submit source files (*.java). Class files (*.class) will not be graded and receive zero credit.


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