modern israel final

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Instructions (please read carefully)

Answer the three quetions below either in a Google

document or an MS Word document. Your answer should not go over two double-spaced pages

per each question. Your answers must be written in an essay form, and in writing your essay

please be certain that

1) Your essay answers the question being asked

2) You deploy the relevant facts and analysis from your lecture, reading and recitation

session notes. (Plagiarism from sources on the web will not be tolerated)

Please copy-paste the questions and answer by writing below each question.


1 What were the Luxembourg Agreements of 1952? Discuss the impact of German

reparations on Israel

2 Discuss the changing relations between Jews and Arabs within Israel, since 1948.

What were the major turning points in these relations?

3 What were the main causes of the Six Day War of 1967?

The following attachment are the notes

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