Module 5 Assignment: Privacy, Surveillance and Dataveillance

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Module 5 Assignment: Privacy, Surveillance & Dataveillance

M5R Final Due Date: Fri, June 29th at 11:45PM.

Worth: 5%

Minimum Word Count: 700 words Maximum Word Count: 800 words

This module response is based on the reading – Hackman, R. (2015). “Is the online surveillance of black teenagers the new stop-and-frisk?” The Guardian: April 23, 2015. (I have also attached it to this assignment in Sakai).

Read the Hackman (2015) article regarding the increasing use of online/social media surveillance by police services in North America. Be mindful of the problematic social issues surrounding this that are discussed, such as the reliability of algorithms for data collection, ethical use of personal information/data (even if it is public), self-surveillance, barriers to active engagement in participatory culture – and more.

You are asked to A) critically and analytically examine three social issues from Hackman’s (2015) article that are pertinent to this module’s theme of Privacy, Surveillance & Dataveillance, and that (B) can be connected to the discussion in one of the assigned readings for module five (three issues = three separate readings). Remember to organize your response with an introduction, body (discussion of three issues/readings), and conclusion.

Important Notes:

  • The ‘tone’ is academic and more ‘formal’; avoid first person, watch your vocabulary – do not be conversational, do not use contractions.
  • Your M5R response must include at least three of the module five readings, plus Hackman (2015) must be cited and referenced properly (that’s four references in total minimum).
  • You are required to stay within the minimum and maximum word count, or you will be penalized .5 (half a mark).
  • Do not provide descriptive opinions and speculations, make succinct arguments that are supported by research and literature.
  • Double space your submission. Please pay attention to your writing style: grammar and punctuation matter. Have someone proofread your work. Your responses must have an introduction, body/discussion, and conclusion. Response submissions should not be one paragraph. No need for title pages, or running header this assignment.
  • Properly cite and reference any readings that you use in APA format. Submissions that do not cite and reference material properly will not be accepted and will result in a zero. This means, if nothing is cited or referenced in your submission – it will not be accepted. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are meeting university standards for academic writing, regardless of what your home department is. Please review page twelve of the course syllabus.
  • Do not use any direct quotes in your module submissions – Instead, rephrase and cite properly. You will be penalized .5 (half a mark) if you use direct quotes. Paraphrase and cite properly (this is a learned skill).
  • Please name your M5R file properly with course number, last name, and assignment name. For example: 2F00YourLastNameM5R.doc

How to submit this assignment:

  • Go to Assignments on Sakai.
  • Click M5R and and click ‘Add Attachments’. The file must be a .doc file, or a .pdf file. (Note: If you are using a Mac, you can convert a Pages document into a word .doc file by going to the menu bar and choosing: ‘File’ – ‘Export’– ‘Word’).
  • Files that cannot open and/or incorrect files will receive a grade of 0.
  • We will not be tracking down assignments: you must submit properly, on-time.
  • Check and double check to ensure that the file is attached and is the correct file. After submitting, definitely review your submission so you can see/confirm the file.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure that you have uploaded your file into Sakai. You have a maximum of five re-submission attempts BEFORE the deadline passes.
  • Late assignments are not accepted and will receive a grade of 0.
  • Assignments sent via e-mail will receive a grade of 0.
  • Do not wait until the last ten minutes to submit your module response.
  • Technological issues (ie my laptop froze at 11:44pm) are not grounds for extensions. You MUST have the appropriate (and reliable) technology to take this course, and you must plan your time effectively.
  • An assignment is ‘done’ or ‘finished’ when it is successfully submitted to Sakai before the due date, not when you last edited the assignment on your pc, laptop, or device.

M5R Grading Rubric

The MR5 Grading Rubric is included here in order to help you formulate your submission.



-chooses three social issues from Hackman (2015) that are pertinent to the module five

-critically examines three social issues from Hackman’s (2015) article

-each of the three issues discussed are connected to a different assigned reading for module five (three issues= three readings)

-response is critical and analytical rather than descriptive and opinionated

Writing Style & Referencing


-presents discussion in an academic/formal manner; vocabulary is appropriate to analysis.

-cites sources properly according to APA format

-provides a properly APA formatted reference list of cited sources; Hackman (2015) is cited and referenced properly.

-flows well organizationally with clear writing style & proper tone; introduction, body with supporting evidence, and conclusion.

-presents discussion free of typos, and free of grammar, punctuation, spelling, and paragraph structure errors; is double spaced.

Framework of Grading

Incomplete 50s D

Submission is missing key components of the assignment guidelines.

Inaccuracies 60s C

Submission does not follow assignment guidelines or requirements.

Needs Work 70s B

Submission mostly follows requirements, but has areas that need improvement (ie depth of analysis).

Meets Criteria 80s A

Submission follows guidelines and meets all assignment requirements in a coherent way.

Exceeds Expectations 90 A+

Submission reflects a level of analysis that goes beyond what is expected at a second year course level.

Required Readings:

Clarke, R. (2016). Introduction to Dataveillance and Information Privacy, and Definitions of Terms. Website:

Lyon, D. (2008). “Surveillance Society”. Queen’s University, Canada Talk for Festival del Diritto, Piacenza, Italia: September 28 2008.

Marwick, A.E. & d. boyd. (2014). Networked privacy: How teenagers negotiate context in social media. New Media & Society, Vol 16(7): 1051-1067. *Resources Tab (original URL no longer works).

van Dijck, J. (2014). “Datafication, dataism and dataveillance: Big Data between scientific paradigm and ideology.” Surveillance & Society 12(2): 197-208.

Mitrou, L., Kandias, M., Stavrou, V. & D. Gritzalis. (2014 ). “Social media profiling: A Panopticon or Omniopticon tool?” Surveillance & Society Conference, Barcelona, Spain.

Module Responses (MR) 20%

There are four Module Responses for students to submit, each valued at 5% each. The Module Response Assignment for the Module will be posted to Sakai on the first day of the Module, which is always a Monday. Each Module Response assignment will provide detailed instructions on what you are to do. Broadly, you are expected to provide a critical and analytical response to the guiding questions that are given to you on the first Monday of the new Module. The length expected will typically be a minimum of 500-750 words – grammar and punctuation, and writing style matters, as does referencing properly. The assignment will give tips as to the tone of the Assignment (ie more personal versus more academic); please be sure to follow the instructions given.

Module Responses will be submitted to Sakai. Click on the “Assignments” tab in Sakai, and then click the appropriate Module Response number. Your Module Response work MUST be completed by the due date posted. Late Module Responses will not be graded. Requests for late submissions must be accompanied by a doctor’s note (scanned & emailed to your Point of Contact).

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