Moon Jellyfish Aurelia Aurita Peers Flier Critique

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Its about the Moon Jellyfish, Aurelia aurita

(I will attach the flier later)


  1. Write a critique of your peer’s flier.
    • Your critique should be at least 300 words, which is about 1 page, double-spaced. 
    • Your critique will be shared with the students in your group, including the one being critiqued.
    • You can write the critique directly into the textbox or upload it as a file.
  2. Make sure to list your peer’s name and their marine animal at the top of your critique

What to look for in a critique:

  • Did the student follow the directions?
    • include the common and scientific names of their animal?
    • Did they list at least 3 resources?
      • did they cite their resources through the flier?
    • Is the flier 2 pages?
    • Did they include at least one form of data as either a graph or table?
  • Is the flier well put together?
    • easy to read?
    • are there spelling or grammar errors?
    • is it concise?
    • is it aesthetically appealing?
  • Is this flier ready to be put out publically?
    • If not, what needs to be changed?
  • Did you find their flier interesting?
    • why or why not?
  • Anything you would want to add or think should be removed?

here is a flier and the summary of the flier had been written: Gray Whale/Eschrichtius robustusThe student included both names for the animal and also included every question that was asked. They also had more than three sources all cited at the end and also mostly cited throughout. The sections of “Nekton, Plankton, or Benthos?” and “What Would Happen if Your Creature Went Extinct?” is missing the citations at the end. I think it would be beneficial to add them just to make sure that there is no chance of plagiarizing. The flier is two pages and has more than one picture of data. I liked the different types of pictures including different types of data. It was very helpful in understanding more about the students’ chosen creature. The flier is very well put together and organized nicely. It is easy to read and there does not seem to be any grammar or spelling errors. One thing that I would maybe recommend to change is to move the title a little bit over so it is not in front of the dots in the background just so it is a bit easier to read, but it is still readable. I like the colors chosen for the flier and it is all very concise. The flier is fun, interesting and it draws my attention. There are a good amount of pictures to show the creature and they are placed nicely. I think after maybe changing the placement of the creature’s name at the top and the citation missing at the end of the two topics, I think this flier is ready to be published. Their flier was very interesting, the facts were interesting to read and the background colors/ design drew me in to be interested. I do not think anything needs to be added or removed. The flier looks great and they did a great job on it! I can tell a lot of effort and work was put into this flier!

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