MPA/543: Data Analysis For Public Policy And Management

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Assignment Content

  1. Resources: Ch. 4 of Applied Research Methods in Public and Nonprofit Organization, the University Library, and the internetResearch is time consuming and important, so finding the right resources and information to support a point or develop a strategy is imperative. As you continue to enhance your skills in research related to criminal justice and public administration, consider the validity and reliability of the research.Consider the internal and external factors that impact quality public policy research.Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper analyzing factors associated with quality research.Address the following in your paper:

    • Define reliability and validity, to include construct, internal, and external validity.
    • Identify threats to reliability and validity.
    • Contrast adequate and inadequate sampling techniques.
    • Identify at least five ways to conduct field research and provide an assessment of each.
    • Explain the differences between descriptive and explanatory research designs that are associated with forms of policy analysis.

    Format your paper according to APA guidelines.Submit your assignment.

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