muhammad ali s greatest fight film

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This film is a docu-drama of one of the most famous Supreme Court cases involving the Vietnam War and the rights of a conscientious objector (a person whose religion prohibits him or her from going to war). It involves one of the greatest athletes of all times, Muhammed Ali, and his fight against the Draft Board of the United States to prove that his religious beliefs entitled him to conscientious objector status. It is a brilliant script, historically and legally accurate, and an outstanding film utilizing some of the best actors Hollywood has produced and documentary footage of Ali himself rather than using an actor to play him (a great decision on the part of the director). It is available free online.

1. Why does Justice Harlan hire Kevin Connolly as his law clerk?

2. What were Muhammad Ali’s (Cassius Clay’s) objections to being drafted?

3. How did the case get to the United States Supreme Court?

4. Which Justice wanted to hear the case?

5. How did the Justices arrive at their preliminary vote against Ali?

6. Who was appointed to draft the decision and why?

7. How was he persuaded to change his vote?

8. What argument swayed the Justices to rule in Ali’s favor?

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