Music Prices

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Instructions: Topic:

3. Music Pricing

In the initial stages of downloadable music, the pricing model for iTunes was to price songs individually. At the time, Spotify instead opted to offer unlimited song playing, for a monthly fee. Today, both services use a monthly subscription system. Discuss the two pricing mechanisms including their pros and cons. Your discussion should include which model would likely yield more profit and why; and, why iTunes changed its pricing strategy to what it is today. Please use and provide references.

Guidelines and Assessment

Deliverables: (a) The choice of your topic (Music Pricing)  and an outline of your paper is dues by the fourth week of the semester; (b) a draft is due by the ninth week, (c) the final version of the paper is due in the thirteenth week, (Will Post one I receive feedback)

At the bare minimum, your paper will include:

1. Introduction, including a re-statement of the problem2. Body/discussion3. Conclusion and recommendations4. References

The submissions will be typed. The outline, draft and final group paper( will not need until feed back is given) will follow the APA format. The draft and the final version of the paper will also include an abstract. 

The outline will be a two-page double spaced document providing headings for the main sections and what you expect to cover in each section.  The instructor’s feedback on the outline will be incorporated in the draft and subsequent feedback will be incorporated in the final version of the paper.  The draft will be as thorough and complete as the paper final paper, the only different between the two being the incorporating of the instructor’s feedback. The draft and the final paper will be between 15 and 25 pages long excluding the references.

Academic Integrity will be expected and enforced in line with the university policy. Make sure you do and submit your own work and give credit for legitimate help or reference you get from others including written work.

Plagiarism: In particular, all cases of plagiarism will be subject to penalty. Examples of plagiarism include, copying and/or sharing answers and copy pasting other people’s works without referencing. A 30% or closer similarity between one group’s work and another source will be considered sufficient evidence of plagiarism. The Penalty will include, losing the grade for the entire submission or paper, being dropped from the course altogether, and being forwarded to the university students’ disciplinary process.

”The only paper i need as of now is the outline which will be a two-page double spaced document providing headings for the main sections and what you expect to cover in each section.”

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