need a 10 page research paper on african american politics

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THE RESEARCH QUESTION YOU ARE ANSWERING IS: What impact has the NAACP had on the expansion of civil rights for African Americans?”

The research paper must be at least ten pages long, typed and double spaced using a 12 point font. References must be cited using an established accepted format (e.g. APA or Chicago style).You must use at least seven acceptable sources.All newspaper and magazine articles count as one source. Websites and encyclopedia entries will not count as acceptable sources.Acceptable sources include: books, academic journal articles, research reports and studies, and primary sources (including interviews). Strongly encouraged to make use of primary sources.However, if you intend to use such sources, depending on the nature of the primary sources, and the research question, you may be required to use more than seven total sources.

Below is a guide regarding formatting and structure that the professor sent to the class, please use to help guide in regards to how to construct this paper as this is what he’s going to be looking for when he grades the paper:

Students have asked for guidance on what makes a good research paper. I think research papers should have the following elements and structure:

  1. Introduction – background on the topic, why its important or interesting, and a statement of the research question.
  2. Presentation of Data/Information (for you this could be presenting the findings of various studies you have read)
  3. Analysis of the Data (This is your analysis of what all this information means)
  4. Statement of the conclusions drawn from the analysis – this is essentially the answer to the original question
  5. Discussion of the implications of the answer (What does it mean that the answer to your question is X?)
  6. Conclusion – Summary of the paper

Here is a simple example of what this might look like. Let’s say I was writing a paper seeking to answer the question of whether Blacks and Whites differ in their attitudes about baseball.

Question: Do Blacks and Whites differ in their attitudes about baseball?

  1. Introduction – Everyone loves sports, but race has proven to be a key factor in many aspects of American life. Thus, I wonder whether race impacts how people think and feel about baseball. Therefore, in this paper I will explore the following question? Do Blacks and Whites differ in their attitudes about baseball?
  2. Data – presentation of survey data on baseball, data on ticket purchases, and data on viewing habits; Or I might present findings from articles or books that have looked at this data
  3. Analysis – When I look at all this information – what does it suggest? Lets say opinion data is the same, viewing habits are the same, but ticket purchases are different. Maybe the latter is just a function of income, not attitudes.
  4. Statement of conclusion – The answer to the question is – No, they do not differ.
  5. Implications – The implications of this finding is that while race may be a factor in the society, it does not seem to impact how people feel about baseball. Perhaps there are other aspects of American life where race is not a factor. Future research should look at attitudes about other sports.
  6. Conclusion – summary of the paper.

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