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Read the following case study:

  • Daniel is a counselor who works primarily with children. Marilyn has contacted him to schedule an appointment for her 8-year-old twins, Jaxson and Jillian. During the intake, Marilyn explains that she will be separating from her husband, who is physically abusive. She claims that he calls her names, has slapped, kicked, and punched her, and has also picked up Jaxson and thrown him violently on the bed. She reports that she is afraid of her husband and knows he will never leave them alone. Marilyn also reports that her only family lives in Alberta, Canada. She states that she has a brother and a sister, both with families, and her parents in close proximity with each other. It is her plan to relocate with the children to Alberta, where she feels she and the children will be safe. Daniel begins working with Jaxson and Jillian. After 3 months, neither child has had anything negative to say about their father. Marilyn reports that the abuse in the household is getting worse and she will need to separate from her husband “before he kills one of us.”

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: 

  • What are some key considerations Daniel should make while working with these children? If he asks, what rights will the children’s father have to information about his sessions with the children? What are the potential risks for malpractice and ethical violations? Consider all relevant codes and laws, rules, and guidelines in your state when answering these questions, and provide citations to support your response. If you reside or will be practicing in California, refer to California state law.

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