Need help revising my paper

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I need help revising my paper I can send what I needed in my paper I got a lower grade then I should have and can revise it so need help so I can get a better grade. This is what I needed in my paper

At least 500-700 words

Use the compare/contrast handout as your writing guide, copy and paste this URL into your browser:…

Draw on AT LEAST two authors or works from any of the material assigned from the unit we are reading during the time your essay is due

Use at least ONE secondary source (that does not come from the text – consider the “Further Reading” sections of the anthology)

Use Foster’s text How to Read Literature like a Professor

Content/Ideas – Thesis:

Note for examples and help – see compare/contrast handout, “thesis” entry in course Blackboard glossary, instructor or compus writing center.

Is present as an explicit or implicit statement or set of statements

Creates a focused argument, give readers a road map so they don’t get lost in the sea of points you are about to make.

Is detailed and specific explanation of your topic

Provides potential formore analysis than summary – addressing the obvious question – “So what? Why should anyone care that Pepper’s and Amante are different in this way?”

Shows you have thought about the course context, content, and audience – example from compare and contrast handout – “Pepper’s and Amante both offer a greater variety of ingredients than other Chapel Hill/Carrboro pizza places (and than any of the national chains), but the funky, lively atmosphere at Pepper’s makes it a better place to give visiting friends and family a taste of local culture”.

Cotent/Ideas – Demonstration of Learning: How the work addresses one or more of the Student Learning Outcomes (SLO) this assignment emphasizes:

SLO 1. Analyze and discuss primary sources (slave narratives, non-fiction, poetry, novels, short stories, drama, protest literature) to understand how African-American writers view the world; evaluate the similarities and differences between these writers’ experiences and one’s experiences.

SLO 2. Explain and evaluate the role of race, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic class in African American literature and articulate similarities and differences between different literary movements within African-American literature.

SLO 3. Identify terms and major themes associated with African-American literature.

SLO 4. Demonstrate critical thinking by synthesizing primary and secondary research into coherent written or spoken documents that utilize key terms associated with African-American literature.

SLO 7. Demonstrate a working explanation of the relationship between African-American literature other American literature within the context United States.

SLO 10. Evaluate information to identify limitations and biases.

Documentation style

Use MLA style for document format and content organizing, in-text citations and the works cited page

If you use information from your annotated bibliography, cite yourself using MLA parenthetical references – as shown in this example – (Muhammad, AB) – on your reference page spell out Annotated Bibliography

This is my paper

Frank j. Webb Compare and contrast to Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins writing

However, Webb lived in Jamaica for additional than ten years, from 1858 to 1869, preceding coming back to the United States. From late 1869 through 1870, Webb lived in Washington, DC, where he continued written work. Webb distributed a few papers, lyrics, and two novellas for the African American diary The New Era. The week after week had been established in Washington, DC and was assumed control over that year by Frederick Douglass, who distributed it through 1874. While in Washington composing for The New Era in 1869– 1870, Webb lived with his niece, instructor Sara Iredell, who had as of late hitched Christian Fleetwood, a beneficiary of the Medal of Honor for his military administration amid the Civil War. Fleetwood was then an agent for the Freedmen’s Bureau, built up amid the Reconstruction period after the American Civil War. Later, in 1870, the Webbs moved to Galveston, Texas, which had built up a dynamic dark network after the Civil War. In 1876, Webb filled in as an elective delegate to the Republican state tradition. Webb worked in Galveston first as a daily paper proofreader, at that point as a postal worker, lastly for a long time as the key of the Barnes Institute, a school that is for colored children. (Blackwell 497)

Pauline Elizabeth Hopkins (1859-1930) was an African-American writer, columnist, dramatist, student of history. She was conceived in Portland, Maine to free guardians of color who moved to Boston when she was young. Atage 16 years, Hopkins started her profession as a stage entertainer. After two years, she was chosen to be the lead performer in the stage creation of Pauline or The Belle of Saratoga. By 1879 Hopkins and her family made the Hopkins Colored Troubadours, a melodic troupe that went with her on national visits where she featured in melodic shows including ones she composed. Her first unique play, Slaves’, Escape or The Underground Railroad which later wound up Peculiar Sam, opened in Boston in 1879. It is thought to be the most punctual American play by an African American female.

While the novel of the Pauline E. Hopkins is a more considerable assortment of fiction and true to life that tended to black history, racial segregation, economic justice, and females’ part in the public eye among different subjects, she developed as one of the time’s superior open intelligent people. Unlike the novel of Webb that was about Two Wolves and a Lamb was a greater amount of majority ruled system isn’t the opportunity. The vote based system is two wolves and a sheep voting on what to have for lunch. Freedom originates from the acknowledgment of specific rights which may not be taken, not even by a 99% vote.

Peculiar Sam is an emotional melody musical show in four acts and was composed as a benefit for the then well-known minstrel Sam Lucas. The focal character was made by Lucas, and Hopkins arranged her content around 16 diverse vocal numbers utilizing ranch tunes, melodies, and spirituals as the reason for her score. The debut of Peculiar Sam occurred at the Boston Young Men’s Christian Union on December 8, 1879. For a year, the show visited under the administration of Z.W. Sprague, a white minstrel, and manager. The best generation happened onJuly 1880 at Boston’s Oakland Gardens. An extensive group went to, and the play, modified into three acts and arranged by Hopkins’ gathering, the Hyers Sisters Combination, was an enormous achievement. The plot of the dramatization is reminiscent of that of the number musical show Out of Bondage, by Joseph Bradford, which may have propelled the story. It records the lives of a few got away slaves; scenes happen at different stops along the Underground Railroad, and the last scenes indicate them as fruitful experts in various strolls of life.

At the point when The New Era re-appeared in Washington, DC in January of 1870 it gave a stage that was generally, inaccessible in the white press for dark columnists and taught people all through the nation to brazenly communicate with the composed word. In its first version, the paper conveyed the initial segment of a short story, “Two Wolves and a Lamb” by one of the nation’s first African-American authors, Frank J. Webb. As per Texas State Historical Association, Webb, initially from Philadelphia, would leave his situation in DC with the Federal government, moving to Texas where he, “altered the Galveston Republican, a week by week production that upheld Radical Republican arrangements amid the mid-1870s.”

The two books were composed when there was exceptional universal examination on the foundation of bondage in the American South, The Two Wolves and a Lamb and Peculiar Sam does not expressly manage this disputable issue; rather, the books centers around the lives of blacks who endeavor to enhance their social and monetary remaining even with malignant, inescapable prejudice. In spite of the gravity of his topic, they both Webb composed the in the prevalent abstract convention of the nostalgic novel.

This genre highlights such components as a exaggerated scene, one-dimensional characters, and unrealistic incidents that dilemma the account together. Numerous faultfinders have brought up that the impediments of this scholarly gadget have darkened the significance of Pauline Hopkins and Webb’s artistic style and their treatment of complex topics.

Work Cited

Korobkin, Laura H. “Imagining State and Federal Law in Pauline E. Hopkins`s. “Contending Forces Legacy: A Journal of American Women Writers 28.1 (2011): 1-23.

Clymer, Jeffory A. “Family Money: Race and Economic Rights in Antebellum US Law and Fiction.” American Literary History 21.2 (2009): 211-238.

Jarrett, Gene Andrew. The Wiley Blackwell Anthology of African American Literature. 1746-1920. Wiley Blackwell, 2014. Print.

Frank j. Webb Two Wolves and a Lamb. 497-524

Jarrett, Gene Andrew. The Wiley Blackwell Anthology of African American Literature. 1746-1920. Wiley Blackwell, 2014. Print.

Pauline Elizabeth Hoplins Peculiar Sam, or the Underground Railroad A musical Drama in Four Acts 550-564

This is what my teacher said why I got the grade I got

  • Required sources = at least 4
    • Wiley Blackwell anthology – TWO items
    • Foster – on work cited page but not used in the essay
    • One secondary source – not cited in the essay
  • A thesis that provides a clarity and direction – there is no clear point
  • Content that supports the thesis and/or addresses the obvious “so, what?” question with enough information, textual evidence, details, and elaboration to demonstrate an adequate understanding of one or more student learning outcomes this assignment emphasizes.
    • Be careful about including background information provided by the anthology or that is easily retrieved online because it wastes time and gives little new information that is useful for comparing or contrasting
  • MLA format – works cited page needs revision for format, in-text citations are adequate
  • Grammar/Style – competent

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