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Unit 1 assignment 1:

Self-Reflection: Hays ADDRESSING Model


All of us have multifaceted cultural identities, so you are likely to have

experienced situations where you were in the cultural majority as well as others

where you were in the cultural minority. This assignment will help you consider

the influence of your cultural memberships on your ability to work professionally

with people of similar cultural backgrounds, as well as with people from different

cultural backgrounds. All clinicians have biases. Failure to recognize these

biases creates harm. It takes more strength to acknowledge your biases than to

argue that you have none.

Dr. Pamela Hays developed the ADDRESSING model to help psychologists

recognize 10 major factors of cultural difference that are common in the United

States: Age (and generational influences), Developmental and

acquired Disabilities, Religion and spiritual identity, Ethnicity and racial

identity, Socioeconomic status, Sexual orientation, Indigenous heritage, National

origin, and Gender. Note that this list is not comprehensive; there are thousands

of different cultural identities in our country. The ADDRESSING model just sums

up the 10 most common points of cultural difference.


ï‚· Use the Hays ADDRESSING Model Template linked in Resources to conduct a

cultural self-assessment that describes your identity in all elements of the Hays


o You must complete and submit the Hays ADDRESSING Model Template

provided for this assignment. Do not submit a paper. Papers will not be graded.

o For more information about the Hays ADDRESSING model, review Hays’s

article, “Looking Into the Clinician’s Mirror: Cultural Self-Assessment,” linked in


ï‚· After completing the table on the template, review your entries and then respond

to the three questions posed below the table in the template.

o There are no right or wrong responses for this assignment. You will be graded on

your insight and ability to recognize the implications of your privilege and biases

when you work with others.

Additional Requirements

ï‚· Written communication: Should be free of errors that detract from the overall


ï‚· Format: Use the Hays ADDRESSING Model Template in Resources. Use current

APA style and formatting guidelines as applicable to this assignment.

ï‚· Font: Arial, 12 points.

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