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Jung used the term “persona” to mean the face or facade that we hold out to the world. The “persona” is that version of the self, the image or picture of the self, that we want, expect, and demand that others see. The “shadow” is that part of the self that we do not expect or want or allow others to see. The “shadow” consists of all that is hidden and held away from view, all that is secret and behind closed doors. We certainly don’t want others (in most day-to-day situations, and, certainly not in our professional lives) to see our faults and failings, doubts and confusions, and we most certainly don’t expect the world to have access to our fantasies and imaginings (or even that we have them). As Jung explained, everyone has a persona and a shadow, these are universal to all mankind.

Your task for this week is to identify examples (either in movies, books, the popular media, or your own life) in which the “shadow” has revealed itself over the persona. As you look for your examples, reflect on the following questions:

  • What is the relationship between the persona and the shadow?
  • Is the shadow good or evil?
  • Is it possible to repress the shadow from ever revealing itself?
  • How do we know what is contained in an individual’s shadow?
  • How is a persona formed? How is a shadow formed?

You do NOT need to answer these questions individually, use the questions as a basis to form a reaction/explanation to the example your have identified. I would like you to share your example and provide your reflections on the relationship between the persona and the shadow specific to your example. At the end of your posting, please pose a follow-up question to the class. Finally, respond to TWO of the questions posed by your peers.

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