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A budget line is essentially a story pitch to your editors, it can read like a lead or a nut graph and will have a working headline you can of course change for your final draft. We’re talking one solid paragraph, examples below.

The outline I expect is a blueprint of how you plan to report out your Best Story Ever, including scheduled interviews, data, or public records.

word requirement, 1 full page double spaced.

Other requirements: 1. It has to relate some real things happened during the coronavirus. 2. Interview is mandatory. 3. This is a new report



1) As India Becomes Cool, So Do American Born Desis (South Asians)!

When Nikita Mehta was growing up in Orange County, she went to war with her Indian-born parents over lunch (she wanted PBJ), what she wore, how she wore her hair and when and who she dated. She and her American born Indian friends took on the identity of ABCDs – American Born Confused Desis (a Desi is a South Asian). So widespread was the term a movie was made by the title. Mehta, 22, became a runway model as a teen, got hooked on meth and went to rehab, and then rebuilt her life, drawing motivation from her ABCD identity. Now, ABCDs are coming of age and making their mark in academia, finance, venture capitalism, and the ‘Net. Mehta’S now a junior at UC Davis with a good job in ad sales. SHE AND OTHERS SAY that as India becomes hip – Madonna hangs out there, India’s economic power, Bollywood’s hot and so are Indian fashions, music, food, and customs such as Bikram Yoga – she and other ABCDs are no longer confused. We also talk to RAGHU TRICHUR, Indian anthropologist from Sac State and other local Indians, now 32,000 plus strong in the Sacramento area – nearly – nearly double what it was in 2000.

Other examples please see attachment

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